What is IVDS

Livelihood development and empowerment

IVD Society, a registered non-profit organization established in April 2016 is committed to help women from marginalized communities overcome social injustice,poverty and exclusion.We support rural women initiative at grass-root levels to facilitate empowerment so that they can lead to dignified life.We have come up with effective and easily adaptable IVD SOCIETY model which is capable of bringing in social and economic changes in adverse conditions.


IVD SOCIETY open platform is a result of tireless contribution from professional development workers.We have been able to bring hope and joy in the lives of over 1000 rural families.we target new milestones with the belief that someone,somewhere would make a choice to support our mission and vision and come forward to be part of the project.


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                                        OUR PROJECT

     1.Livelihood   Development             2. Shiksha   Ki ore                       3. Youth  Development            4.Womans institution building                     5. Kutumb saubhagya                6. Aadhar Creadit & Loan Finance

Shiksha ki ore

Effort and hard work will require for IVDS.The taught of IVDS not to teach in any school or self-help text, nor a way of teaching. The necessity of IVDS develops gradually in the sprit of life. IVDS creates realistic and optimistic to the Men, their efforts to achieve each enjoyable experiences creates success personality, so join IVDS family to raising the society with good education, Health, safety, independency and self growth.


Economic prosperity and Livelihoods

IVDS works with rural underprivileged families in the project areas of Karnataka, Utter Pradesh to promote and support independent livelihood programs for women. The objective is help small holders earn about INR 1.25 lac to INR 1.5 lac per annum. To achieve this, we identify the traditional livelihood options and the interventions points through which we can facilitate that much earning to our farmers. Given this approach, we zeroed on goat rearing, dairy farming and agriculture as we think these activities have tremendous potential to supplement income of rural families in the region. We are expanding our programs with active support from various partners including Government departments, financial institutions, banks and other resource institutions. Our mission is not only to help enhance income of poor households by supporting livelihood opportunities but we aim at overall empowerment too. From her deprived and underprivileged status, we envisage every woman from backward community attain a life of dignity and respect.

Kutumb Saubhagya Yojna 

In this scheme  we provide funds for  DELIVIRY,ACCIDENT,ILLNESS,NATURAL DISASTER etc.

After becoming our member we provide all above benifits. Anyone  can take membership for 500rs. and 1000rs per month.




Projects highlights

Women's Institution Building

IVDShelps realize the power of institution building by engaging rural women at grassroots level.

Livelihood Development

We aim at making a difference in the lives of socially-excluded women by guiding them towards sustainable livelihood programs.

Youth Development Program

We provide the platform to youths from marginalized communities and help them explore their innate potential.


Shiksha ki ore

IVDS works towards educating underprivileged women about the significance of livelihood education and equal opportunities.

Our Running Program

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Ajivika Programme
Shiksha Ki Ore
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program on teachers day
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Member Registration


 OFFICE-  Harahua Bazaar, Airport Road, Varanasi


Account Holder- Indian Village 

Account Number- 98812010006859

IFSC Code- SYNB0009881

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